JAPAN NATIONAL TV - NHK filmed TRIMONIUM Ltd. Bulgaria for their program! / 18-01-2007

In the End of 2006, Agents (Representatives) of the NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), Japanese National Television visited the Central Office of TRIMONIUM Ltd. in Sofia. As one of the main objects of NHK is promoting intercultural dialogue and new co-production projects around the world, the joining of Bulgaria to the European Union and the coming changes and after-effects concerning new Job opportunities for Bulgarians on the Labour market in Europe, was a question of great interest to Mr. Kobayashi Makoto- correspondent of NHK-Europe. They have contacted many Recruitment Agencies located in Sofia and fixed on our Company. They filmed some of the most beautiful views and places in Sofia and came to our cosy office. They had thorough conversations with some clients of TRIMONIUM, who are applying for jobs in different areas of economics (Agriculture, Hotel- and Restaurant Management, Construction, etc.) in the UK, Poland, Latvia, OAE, Russia, Cyprus and others. After interviewing them in English language, they had the chance to have professional opinion of our Managing Director Mr. Emil Hristakov and HR Manager Kalina Kalinova about the electronic system and website of TRIMONIUM and how it works; they viewed our database; the opportunities and services which we have and provide and what our activity is based on; they received live information about the new EU regulation about accession of Bulgarian nationals to the Labour Market in Europe and reviewed some of the Cooperation Agreements between TRIMONIUM and Licenced foreign Employment Agencies.




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В коя държава бихте искали да работите?

В коя държава бихте искали да работите?

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