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Our staff

    Within our company, we have highly qualified HR specialists, consultants, psychologists, specialists in employment law and training.

    To ensure that we offer you an exceptional service, we continually invest to provide our staff with outstanding resources and professional development.

    Our consultants are specially trained not only to give information on current vacancies but to provide advice and support to all of our applicants.


    TRIMONIUM EMPLOYMENT SERVICE Ltd maintains a sophisticated database of candidates and associated skills. Our computer system is able to make the pre-selecting of potential candidates that meet job specifications.
    Our database has also a special module with a smart search engine, which allows us to find the most suitable candidate for you in less than 5 seconds.

    All candidates registered in our database have passed an aptitude test for motivation and professional suitability. Most of them have a good knowledge of foreign languages and experience in working abroad. Their professional qualification will satisfy even the most demanding employer.


    Our partners in UK are Adaptation Centre in London - UK and Jolaine Agency. We have also partners in USA, Romania, Poland, Norway, Cyprus, Germany, Lituania, Russia, Macedonia, Italy, Netherlands, South Africa, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.