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First of all establishing a stable and regulated business partnership based on clear mutual engagements and priorities.

(Here you can look at several templates of contracts with foreign employers -
Example 1
, Example 2 )

You and your organization should be able to ensure the necessary conditions for a totally legal administration of labour relations between you and our clients.

The position offered by you should be secured by a labour contract for a certain period of time consistent with the specifics of labour legislation in your country.

It would be appreciated if your organization is able to take care or provide free of charge the social assurance and accommodation of our clients.

Last but not least, we would like to establish a mechanism for a periodic feedback concerning the legal labour status of employed candidates.

In case you are interested, we would like to receive information on the work essence, position duties, monthly or yearly remuneration, working time, social and domestic conditions for rest and recreation, leaves, provision of clothing, means of protection and safe working conditions, medical and other insurances, bonus packages and social gains, accommodation, transport, etc, as well as all details concerning the welcoming place and accommodation of our clients.

We would like also to be provided specific instructions regarding the draw-up of each candidates documents, in accordance with the requirements of your labour style. In this way we will be able to be as useful as possible when submitting data and documentation to social administration offices in your country.

We expect from you detailed information about your company, as well as visualized materials either on your web site or sent by e-mail or post with the purpose of acquainting our candidates with the opportunities and specificity of your offer.