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Our clients 

    The majority of our clients are located in the USA - Florida, Great Britain, Ireland, Europe, Panama, and the Middle East .

    We provide the most luxurious hotels, and restaurants with high quality staff. Over 10 000 of our applicants are already in work placement.

    Our activity is based on several core structures:

  • Communication Centre - it deals with employers from Bulgaria and abroad.
  • Public Relations Department
  • Recruitment Department
  • Financial Department
  • Loan Department - it is a special department who cares for business relationships with our partner IDBI Properties Corp. They provides a special loan policy regarding professional placement of educated people from all over the World in USA and EU.
  • Law Department
  • Advertising Department
  • Records Office
  • Computer Centre for Database maintenance
  • Consulting Offices - here our clients are provided with complete information about the application procedure for working abroad, specification of each field, vacancies, and labour and rest conditions.

    The Central Office manages and administers all regional offices.
All offices have at their disposal comprehensive up-to-date information about employment legislation and conditions for each country.
    Each office is provided with a Bulgarian translation of the Labour Code for each country, a copy of the company's license, as well as Regulation Nr.107/2003 which determines the ways Bulgarian citizens have to comply with in order to go to work abroad.