IDBI Properties Corp. (IDBI) is a registered Panama company and was created to provide services that enable our clients to successfully transition in the changing world of employment with needed finances to work abroad. IDBI was developed in response to the tremendous growing trend in the international job market for the needs in the aspects of the process of bringing together employers who need workers; and international workers seeking opportunities in the United States and other industrialized nations.

DANFIL COMPANY is a company with Romanian capital, established in year 2001 and recognised by the Work Ministry and Social and Family Solidarity having as activity object the recruitment and placing manpower for work abroad.

Concept Care College - UK are an established and rapidly developing college engaged in training men and women in careers in Health care, Social work, housing, and management. CCC provides high level training in  care, Social work, housing, management and Accounting and related subjects and courses in line with the expectation of the industry and commerce. To provide specialist courses for those with post industrial and commercial experience to enable them to exploit the opportunities for lucrative careers in the diverse field of care, Social work, housing, management.  To encourage and equip participants to apply the techniques of care, Social work, housing, and management.